After a decade in Japan our family has decided to relocate overseas. Most of our belongings have been sold or shipped but there are a few remaining gems looking for their new forever families.

Everything is available for PICK UP only in Kichijoji. See the map on the right for directions.

Happy shopping and Sayonara!

Monday, May 9, 2011

3 Large Wardrobes - Prices as listed or all for ¥20,000

Two large wardrobes (L 61 x W 80 x H 209).
One small wardrobe (L 61 x W 40 x H 209).
These are fantastic quality wardrobes from In The Room. Bought new for about ¥350,000. Excellent condition.
Sorry for the angle of the photo, there are two two-door wardrobes on the ends and a single-door wardrobe in the middle. The double door models each have two full-length bars for hanging clothes and maximizing space. The single door model has a bar and two shelves for additional storage. We bought these new 6 years ago from In The Room.

Large Wardrobes - ¥10,000 each
Small Wardrobe - ¥5,000 yen
All three wardrobes - ¥20,000 yen

Shermag Glider and Ottoman - ¥30,000

We are sorry to say that we are selling our beloved Shermag Glider and Ottoman. We searched and searched for one of these in Japan but couldn't find one, so we bought one new in Canada and brought it to Japan (in 2008) as a (very large) piece of luggage. We spent many hours feeding and rocking our son and daughter in this incredibly comfortable chair. Unfortunately we are leaving Japan and it is too big to take back with us. You can find more info about a similar model here:

¥30,000 o.b.o. Pick up in Kichijoji.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

SOLD - Coffee Table - Expandable - ¥2,000

Dark brown coffee table with expandable leafs on each side. Solid enough to dance on...;)

SOLD - Aprica Sangenic Diaper Can and 1 Refil - FREE

Protect your house from the smell of stinky diapers with this little beauty. We are throwing in 1 refill for immediate pick-up.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

SOLD - Ikea Trofast Frame, 4 drawers, hanger, changing pad and changing table - ¥5,000

I dismantled before taking the picture but this is the same unit but our drawers are blue. Please note I did not dismantle the drawers. We also have the changing table plastic pad.

Same as the frames below I don't have the original instructions but I just found them here

SOLD - Ikea Trofast Frame x 2 - ¥3,000

We have 2 of the classic Ikea Trofast units that I have already dismantled for travel. I don't have the original assembly instructions but just found this useful download link

Will be throw in the white, blue and 2 x small white containers

Thursday, April 21, 2011

SOLD - Three Dressers- Prices as listed or all for ¥5,000

Large dresser (L 44 x W 90 x H 109) purchased new 6 years ago from In The Room. Matches wardrobes listed below. Great condition, huge amount of storage. ¥4,000

Two Small Dressers (L 40 x W 51.5 x H 83) bought the same year from MUJI. Colour is almost the same as large dresser. Great storage, great condition. Work as dressers or bedside tables. ¥1,500 each

SOLD - High chair, Crib to Toddler Bed, Baby Walker - ¥1,000 each

White wooden high chair. Very sturdy with seatbelt, fold-over tray. Can easily fold flat for storage between meals. ¥1,000.

SOLD - IKEA Hermelin Baby Crib, Blue. 2 mattress heights and removable side to convert to toddler bed. ¥1,000

"New York Baby" walker. Adjustable height. Includes removable steering column toy. ¥1,000

¥1,000 for each of the above items if purchased separately or ¥2,000 for all of them.

SOLD - Guitar and Carrying Case - ¥3,000

I wish I could say this was used but it wasn't ;( Guitars like to be played with and this poor guy is very lonely.

SOLD - Clothes drying rack, ironing board, and 2 Clothes racks - ¥1,000 yen each or ¥3,000 for all

Clothes drying rack. Collapses for easy storage. Great for towels, jeans etc. ¥1,000.

Martha Stewart ironing board. Cover is a bit stained but this is a great ironing board, especially if you are doing a lot of shirts. Has a narrow end that is great for sleeves and shoulders and a button trench along one side. ¥1,000.

MUJI Clothes Rack. Metal frame with wood shelf base.
Bought 2 years ago from Muji. Great condition. Has one bar for clothes hangers and a bottom shelf for storage. Disassembled for transport. ¥1,000

Another Clothes rack. Includes bar for hanging clothes, top and bottom shelves and one more adjustable shelf. Disassembled for transport. ¥1,000

SOLD - National Air Purifier, Dehumidifier, 2 Fans - Prices as listed or all for ¥7,000

National F-PXC50 Air Purifier. Bought new 3 years ago. Filter recently replaced. ¥5,000

Sharp CV100U Dehumidifier. Has Ion setting L38 cm x W23 cm x H51 cm . Essential for the coming summer months. ¥4,000.

Two oscillating fans. One white with remote, one gray no remote. Another summer essential. ¥1,500 each or two for ¥2,000.

SOLD - Microwave Oven, Clothes Dryer, Fridge - Prices as listed

Convection Microwave Oven Sharp RE-WD30. This beauty has cooked a few nice turkeys, pies and cookies. Includes the cookbook that came with it at purchase. ¥6,000.

Clothes Heater/Dryer Hitachi DE-N5CX(W) includes stand so you can have the dryer directly above the washer. This is a savior during the cold winter months or to get the humidity out of your clothes during summer. ¥6,000.

Fridge Mitsubishi 370 L MR-CU37JL-S. Purchased new in 2006. Includes automatic ice maker and great large crisper drawer. Excellent condition. ¥12,000.

SOLD - Franc Franc Mona Sofa - ¥15,000

Dark brown two piece sofa - 100,000 yen new. Width and length are perfect for larger-than-local foreigners. Great for having a meal, relaxing in front of the TV, or hosting couch-surfing house guests. New cover (30,000 yen value) only 4 months old! Extra covers in other colors can be purchased at Franc Franc for 30,000 yen.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

SOLD - Matching China Cabinets - ¥2,000 each or both for ¥3,000

Tall cabinet, white with glass inset on top. Bottom shelves are great for small appliance storage. Upper shelves perfect for small dishes. L60 cm x W38 cm x H178 cm ¥2,000
Small cabinet. Doors and hardware match large cabinet. Adjustable shelves can be customized to fit your needs. Great for storage. L90 cm x W38 cm x H90 cm. ¥2,000.

Above items are ¥2,000 each or both for ¥3,000.

SOLD - Coffee Table - Collapsible - ¥2,000

Coffee table with collapsible legs for easy storage. L90 cm x W60 cm x H32 cm

Thursday, February 3, 2011

SOLD - 2 Bags of Maternity Clothes - ¥3,000 for all

Summer Tops

Thyme Maternity Tops

Thyme Maternity Tops

Extra long Turtlenecks from Uniqlo, not maternity but fit me until my due date.

Sweater set (matching camisole not shown)

Benetton Sweater

Black hoodie and cardigan

Non-maternity dresses, but work when pregnant.

Maternity jeans

Nursing pajamas

All items were bought new for several hundred dollars. Includes trousers, t-shirts, sweaters, dresses and nursing pajamas, all seasons & styles. Some clothes are well worn but many have been worn only once or never worn. Mainly US sizes S/M. A few items are not maternity but I wore them while pregnant and they worked well. Most are from Canada (Thyme Maternity and Old Navy).

2 Bags, ¥3,000 for everything! Pick up in Kichijoji.

SOLD - Baby/Kids Chair - ¥2,000

Baby chair, excellent condition. Bought 2 years ago for our son. Earlier version of this one. Includes detachable table-tray and washable cover (white with orange polka dots). Pick up in Kichijoji.