After a decade in Japan our family has decided to relocate overseas. Most of our belongings have been sold or shipped but there are a few remaining gems looking for their new forever families.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

3 Large Wardrobes - Prices as listed or all for ¥20,000

Two large wardrobes (L 61 x W 80 x H 209).
One small wardrobe (L 61 x W 40 x H 209).
These are fantastic quality wardrobes from In The Room. Bought new for about ¥350,000. Excellent condition.
Sorry for the angle of the photo, there are two two-door wardrobes on the ends and a single-door wardrobe in the middle. The double door models each have two full-length bars for hanging clothes and maximizing space. The single door model has a bar and two shelves for additional storage. We bought these new 6 years ago from In The Room.

Large Wardrobes - ¥10,000 each
Small Wardrobe - ¥5,000 yen
All three wardrobes - ¥20,000 yen

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