After a decade in Japan our family has decided to relocate overseas. Most of our belongings have been sold or shipped but there are a few remaining gems looking for their new forever families.

Everything is available for PICK UP only in Kichijoji. See the map on the right for directions.

Happy shopping and Sayonara!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SOLD - Bag of Sarongs - ¥500

Bag of assorted sarongs, all bought in Thailand. Most have never been used and are in great condition.

¥500 for the whole bag.

Pick up in Kichijoji.

SOLD - Bag of Toys - ¥500

Bag of assorted toys my son has outgrown or never really played with. I may add more if I find some before they are picked up.

¥500 for the whole bag.

Pick up in Kichijoji.

SOLD - Simpsons Photo Frame - ¥500

Another gift we will never use. Still in original package. ¥500.

Pick up in Kichijoji.

SOLD - Children's Play Rug - ¥500

Santa brought this rug for my son but we don't have space for it. It is brand new, still in the original packaging. We kept the cars though.


Pick up in Kichijoji.

SOLD - Bag of Baby Boy's Clothes - ¥500

This is a selection of clothes that my son has grown out of. There are one-piece playsuits, pants, shorts, shirt, hoodie, jacket and cap. They range in size from 3-6 months to about 18 months. I may add more to it if I find anything else.

¥500 for the whole bag.

Pick up in Kichijoji.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SOLD - Lightbulbs & Fixtures - ¥1,000

We bought all of these fixtures and bulbs for our old apartment but our new one came with them already installed. After storing them in our closet we have finally concluded that we will never use them. Some of the light bulbs alone are worth ¥1,790~¥1,980 each.

Here's what you'll get for ¥1,000:
4 Toshiba "NeoballZ 21W (100W) lightbulbs (blue boxes)
2 Mitsubishi "Spiral Pika" 20W (100W) lightbulbs (red boxes)
2 single bulb light fixtures
1 3-bulb light fixture
1 round white paper light shade.

I may have thrown a few extra bulbs in there. I can't remember. Everything is packed into a paper shopping bag and ready for pick up in Kichijoji.

SOLD - Tempera Painting Supplies - ¥1,000

I took a year-long drawing and painting course and while I loved the drawing, I never really continued with the painting. So all of the following items have been used, although I only used very little of the paint. And since it is powder it is still in mint condition.

Here's what you'll get for ¥1,000:
Tempera paints - 14 colours
Plastic palette
Water dripper
Paint brush/water stand
clips (for clipping paper to easel)
plastic spoons
Small disposable mixing cups

Everything fits in a standard paper shopping bag and can be easily transported.

Pick up in Kichijoji

Medium Bag of Men's Clothes - ¥1,000

The Bag includes 6 or 7 dress shirts and a big, warm, fleece housecoat (dark green); a couple of t-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts (only worn once or twice). All pretty good condition.

¥1,000 for the whole bag.

SOLD - CD and DVD Jewel Cases - FREE

I keep my CDs and DVDs in sleeves, so I have the cases they came in to give away.
8 DVD jewel cases.
6 CD jewel cases.

Pick up in Kichijoji.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

SOLD - Thai Floor Cushions - ¥1,500 each or ¥2,000 for both

Fantastic Thai floor cushions. We bought these several years ago in Thailand and brought them back to Japan. They are great for relaxing on the floor. They are also great for kids. Our son loves to climb on them or just lie down and relax. Unfortunately they do not suit our new home. We love these cushions but it is time to say goodbye :(

Both cushions have a tall "triangle" portion with 2 bottom cushions attached that can be extended or folded under the triangle. The red/white cushion has a small tear in the seam (see photo), but it could be easily stitched up. Both are a well worn and have lost some of their stuffing. But they are wonderfully comfortable and perfect for tatami rooms or living rooms with floor seating.

¥1,500 each or ¥2,000 for both.

Pick up in Kichijoji. Bring a car as they are quite large and I don't have a big enough bag to pack them up.

SOLD - Glass & Steel Candle Decoration - ¥500

Glass and steel candle decoration. Never used. Still in original box. Another gift I never ended up using. ¥500.

Pick up in Kichijoji.

SOLD - Brand New Glass Clock - ¥500

Beautiful brand new glass clock with mirrored face. Received this as a gift but it is too fragile for our toddler-friendly house. Still in original box. ¥500.

Pick up in Kichijoji.

SOLD - Various Home Decorations - ¥100 each or all for ¥1,000

We have collected numerous dishes, candles and knicknacks over the years from Canada, Japan, Thailand and Mexico. In the following photos each item is ¥100 or buy all 20 items for only ¥1,000.

Pick up in Kichijoji.

2 Thai containers ¥100 each:

2 Small Mexican dishes ¥100 each:

2 Decorative Korean Bags ¥100 each:

SOLD - Incense from Thailand and insence & holders from Muji - ¥100 for all:

2 Gray Glass tealight candle holders ¥100 each:

Glass cat figurine & Japanese dish ¥100 each:

3 small glass candle holders (with partly used candles) ¥100 each:

3 Black metal and glass photo frames (one frame is missing the glass) ¥100 each:

2 Small baskets ¥100 each:

Flower urn with Freeze dried flower display (flowers can be removed to use it as a vase) ¥100: