After a decade in Japan our family has decided to relocate overseas. Most of our belongings have been sold or shipped but there are a few remaining gems looking for their new forever families.

Everything is available for PICK UP only in Kichijoji. See the map on the right for directions.

Happy shopping and Sayonara!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

SOLD - Microwave Oven, Clothes Dryer, Fridge - Prices as listed

Convection Microwave Oven Sharp RE-WD30. This beauty has cooked a few nice turkeys, pies and cookies. Includes the cookbook that came with it at purchase. ¥6,000.

Clothes Heater/Dryer Hitachi DE-N5CX(W) includes stand so you can have the dryer directly above the washer. This is a savior during the cold winter months or to get the humidity out of your clothes during summer. ¥6,000.

Fridge Mitsubishi 370 L MR-CU37JL-S. Purchased new in 2006. Includes automatic ice maker and great large crisper drawer. Excellent condition. ¥12,000.

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