After a decade in Japan our family has decided to relocate overseas. Most of our belongings have been sold or shipped but there are a few remaining gems looking for their new forever families.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Exercise Ball - ¥500

About once a year I get the great idea to start a new exercise regime. I buy equipment, use it for about a month, then store it indefinitely. This is a purple inflatable exercise ball. It is deflated so I'm not sure of the diameter, but I think it is a standard size. ¥500.

Pick up in Kichijoji


Anonymous said...

i am interested to your exercise ball but idont know where kichijoji is....

Kichijoji 4 Sale said...

Thanks for your interest. Kichijoji is in West Tokyo. You can get here by taking the Chuo or Sobu lines from Shinjuku station (about 20 minutes) or by taking the Inokashira Line from Shibuya (16 minutes on the express train). Please click on the map to the right for a map and more detailed directions. You can email me at keikosan30(at)gmail(dot)com.